Frequently asked questions and troubleshooting

What is the expected delivery time?
Our dispatch time for VIC, QLD, ACT, NSW is approx 1-2 days. Our dispatch time for WA, NT, SA is approx 2-3 days.

I’m having trouble connecting both Earpodz how can I fix this?
It can be slightly tricky to figure out how to get the Earpodz work initially however here are some troubleshooting steps to correctly work your earpodz.
1. Turn both earphones off and put back in case to restart.
2. Bring up you bluetooth settings on your phone and scroll down to the bottom where you are able to connect a new device.
3. Take left earphone out and hold down the button on top until flashing.
4. It should come up in the other devices area at the bottom of the page as i11.
5. Now you should have two different I11 devices saved in your bluetooth connections as shown below.

6. Now return the left ear phone back to case to refresh again. Then take both out of the case and hold down the same touch sensitive area on the top until both are flashing and the EarPods come up on your screen like this.

Why the headphones does not charge?
Please make sure both ends of the USB cable are securely connected. If you use a power outlet, ensure that the power supply is connected securely and the outlet works. If you use a computer, make sure it is connected and the USB port is powered. Turn on the headset and then turn them off. Disconnect and reconnect the USB charging cable.

Why the headphone disconnect with the mobile phone within 10 meters?
Please check if there is metal or any other material within a relatively close range that may interfere with the Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth is a radio technology that is sensitive to objects positioned between the headphone and the connected device.

There is no audio signal, what can i do?
Check if the head phones are turned off. Check if the headphone is paired. If necessary, pair the headphones with the audio source again. Check the connection of your audio source. If the volume is too low, turn up the volume.

Why can’t I use the headphones to adjust the volume or select the track on the App of mobile phone?
App Software settings may vary according to some functions of the App itself not depending on the phone.

Why the headphones cannot pair with mobile phone?
1. Please check whether your headphone is in pairing mode or reconnect mode and check whether your mobile phone Bluetooth search function is opened;
2. Check your mobile device’s Bluetooth menu and delete / forget the headphones, then reconnect the headphones following the instructions in the user manual.

Why my smartphone can’t find my Bluetooth headphones?
1. Make sure your smartphone and headphones are close enough to one another when you want to connect them;
2. Check the manufacturer’s recommended pairing process;
3. Try turning them off and on again;
4. Turn off or remove any interfering devices;
5. Move away from the WiFi router.

What factors affect the sound quality of Bluetooth headsets?
The factors that really affect the sound quality of Bluetooth are the protocols for transmitting audio and the encoding technology. At present, there are four mainstream coding technologies on the market: ACC, SBC, APT-X, and LDAC. Now, we will tell you what is the difference between them? Please check this post: 4 audio coding technologies tell you the secret of Bluetooth sound quality

Why my devices cannot recognize the bluetooth headphones?
1. The Bluetooth feature in the phone is not turned on.
2. The headset is not in pairing / discoverable mode. The phone will not find the headset unless the headset is in this mode.

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RECENT Reviews

Sheree Williams

Great price for a great quality product! The staff were very helpful in answering my questions and the free delivery is a bonus!! Thank you!

Elizabeth Grey

Very happy with the quality of your product. I bought a pair for myself and then had to buy 4 more for the rest of my family! The kids love them.

Jack Coup

I was surprised at how much they look like the apple airpods, The charge lasts for a very long time and I like how you can use them.

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